This article has been updated for 2020. If you run a business, a Personal Defined Benefit Plan could save you tens of thousands of dollars (or more). How do you know if a Personal Defined Benefit Plan is right for you? What are the advantages to setting up a Plan? These are the questions we’ll […]

What is a Defined Benefit Plan?

July 31, 2019

The Personal Defined Benefit Plan. Advantages and When It Makes Sense.

Introduction What is the definition of a Defined Benefit Plan? How do they function? Are they similar to other retirement plans? We will answer these and other questions in this article.   Defined Benefit Plan Definition Defined Benefit Plans are retirements plans. Unlike Defined Contribution Plans, benefits are not based on the balances of individual […]

Defined Benefit Plan Definition

July 30, 2019

Defined Benefit Plan Definition. What They Are and How They Work.