Background: Locum Tenens Retirement Are you a locum tenens worker? If so, planning for your retirement is critical. For example, you likely are not enrolled in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. In other words, saving for retirement is your responsibility. However, being self-employed provides a broader range of options when selecting your retirement vehicle. This flexibility […]

locum tenens retirement

October 16, 2020

Retirement for Locum Tenens Workers. What Is the Right Vehicle?

What Is a Cash Balance Plan? A Cash Balance Plan is a type of retirement plan. However, unlike individual retirement vehicles, such as IRAs, Cash Balance Plans are employer-sponsored. Thus, an individual cannot adopt a Cash Balance Plan unless he or she is self-employed. Additionally, if an individual owns a business, the entity may adopt […]

What Is a Cash Balance Plan

August 19, 2020

What Is a Cash Balance Plan? How Does a Cash Balance Plan Work?

Introduction: How Are Defined Benefit Plans Taxed? Defined Benefit Plans are a powerful retirement and tax planning tool. In this article, we will explain how Defined Benefit Plans are taxed. We will start by describing how Defined Benefit Plans are funded and distributed. Next, how the employer and employee are taxed. Last, we will explain […]

How are Defined Benefit Plans Taxed

July 1, 2020

How are Defined Benefit Plans Taxed? Impact on Income and Payroll Taxes.

Defined Benefit Plan Target Return Rate What investment return should I target in a Defined Benefit Plan? Financial advisors ask us this question quite a bit. While we cannot give investment advice, we will provide you the information needed to arrive at your own conclusion. Specifically, we will discuss the theory behind the target investment […]

Defined Benefit Plan Investment Return Target

April 16, 2020

Investment Return Target for a Defined Benefit Plan. What’s the Right Answer?

The Impact of Investment Returns How do investment returns impact Defined Benefit Plan contributions? In this article, we will explore that question in depth. At a high level, the impact of investment returns depends on several factors, including the Defined Benefit Plan’s funded status, the size of the investment deviation, and the value of Plan […]

Investment Returns Impact Defined Benefit Contributions

March 5, 2020

How Investment Returns Impact Defined Benefit Plan Contributions