This article has been updated for 2023. The Impact of Investment Returns How do investment returns impact Defined Benefit Plan contributions? In this article, we will explore that question in depth. At a high level, the impact of investment returns depends on several factors, including the Defined Benefit Plan’s funded status, the size of the […]

Investment Returns Impact Defined Benefit Contributions

How Investment Returns Impact Defined Benefit Plan Contributions

This article has been updated for 2023. Introduction In a Defined Benefit Plan, a business owner is able to make high deductible contributions ($100k to $250k+). Of course, large contributions lead to a large asset pool, so it is important to select a qualified financial advisor to manage Defined Benefit Plan assets. Defined Benefit Financial […]

Financial Advisor Defined Benefit Plan

The Financial Advisor for Your Defined Benefit Plan. What You Should Consider.

This article has been updated for 2023. A side business provides a great opportunity to save for retirement. In fact, a business owner may be able to save and deduct most or all side business income using a Defined Benefit Plan. SEP and 401(k) Plans significantly limit retirement contributions. Defined Benefit Plans, on the other […]

Side Business Defined Benefit

The Side Business Defined Benefit Plan. When a Solo K Isn’t Enough.

This article has been updated for 2023. How could a business owner deduct a $900k contribution that is used to fund his own retirement? How is such a large contribution possible when SEPs and 401(k) Plans are limited to $66,000 and $73,500, respectively, per year? The answer lies in combining the power of several individual […]

Defined Benefit Contribution Front-load

How a Business Owner Deducted a $900k Retirement Contribution in One Year

This article has been updated for 2023. Defined Benefit Plan Contribution Range Previously, we discussed the maximum payment you can receive from a Defined Benefit Plan. In this post, rather than focusing on the maximum payout or “lifetime limit”, we will explain the maximum annual contribution. Additionally, contributions in Defined Benefit Plans (“DB Plans”) are not […]

Defined Benefit Contribution Range

Defined Benefit Contribution Range. How It Works.